You have a cat and want to travel away?

What choices did you have so far?

Taking a housesitter?

Someone you have never seen before? Someone who will enter your flat and will take care of your cats, possibly?

Taking a cat-hotel?

Where the cat is one among dozens (if you find one in your vicinity)?

You never travel away?

Ok … well, get a life.

We created the first platform
to connect
Cat-Owner and Cat-Hoster

Cat hosters are people that are willing to accommodate a cat (or even more) for a certain time in their own house, flat or whatever. In that time the hoster can take care of the cat much easier and can look after it more often. Activities with the cat can happen in between and cats are not alone all the time.

We are starting our service very soon ...

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You are a


Hosts cats at your own home

You can take care and be there for them much more than in a cat-sitting job.

Hosts cats for days or even weeks

Even people that cannot have own cats can have some temporarily at least.

Get information upfront

Personal information page of cat gives advice about favorite food, toys, habits and so on.

Get ratings of cats

Rating system of cats will tell how easy to handle a cat is.

you are a



Cats are in good hands, have close contact and entertainment


Don't have to give full access to their flat to (unkown) people.


Rating system of hosters will give confidence and reliability to you.

Features of bowl-n-basket

Find a hoster quickly

Owners can find quickly and
a possible hoster in their surrounding by using the intuitive webpage.

find the proper hoster

Hoster can specify the environment they can offer, i. e. indoor and/or outdoor space, are other cats present and much more.

talk to each other

Owners can contact a possible hoster via email, skype or personally to get more information about her or him before accepting the hoster and vice versa.

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